Lori Burson, Owner

Lori Burson graduated from the University of Dallas after she returned from her studies abroad in Italy. She moved to Oklahoma City to pursue a career in the restaurant industry.

During a seven-year hiatus from the food business, Lori became very involved with civic organizations in Oklahoma City. Home, family, and community are important to Lori, and she gives back to Oklahoma City by working with the organizations for the betterment of her community. She serves on the board of 6 non-profit organizations focusing on the areas of social services and the arts.

When the opportunity arose to start Stella, Lori brought all her experience in the restaurant business, her love of Italian food, and her commitment to the community together to build the neighborhood restaurant she has dreamed of since studying in Rome: Stella Modern Italian Cuisine.


Todd Davis, General Manager


Kayla Jones, Assistant Manager


Josh Partain, Kitchen Manager