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Don’t just give your guests food,

give them an experience.

Stella was born out of the way Italian people focus their lives around food. Rather than simply eat a hurried meal, Italian people gather with friends and family, and every meal is a celebration.

Stella wants to bring that same philosophy to your next event through our catering services. Don’t just give your guests food, give them an experience. The meal you serve should compliment your special event, as well as delight and impress your guests.

Whether you need wedding catering, holiday party catering, or corporate catering, we can ensure the meal your serve compliments your special event and makes it remarkable. No matter if your special event is extravagant or intimate, upscale or laid-back, our events catering services will allow your guests to experience Italy in a way that only Stella can offer.

We offer catering both off-site and at the restaurant for your convenience. Are you still undecided about what you want to serve? Visit with our knowledgeable staff who can guide you through our seasonal menus and help you decide which gourmet catering dishes would be ideal for your guests and event. We offer a great variety of entrees, appetizers, fine wines, and desserts, complete with stunning presentation and personalized service.

Events Catering Service
Stella can provide catering service for your next big event. Whether you’re looking for wedding catering, holiday party catering or corporate catering, Stella’s gourmet catering dishes are sure to please your guests.

Chef Melissa Aust
Her philosophy begins with fresh ingredients, proper seasoning, and attention to detail. She prefers to avoid processed foods, believing that fresh and local are better for you as well as better tasting.

Catering Services in Oklahoma
Stella offers catering services in Oklahoma. For your convenience, we offer catering services off-site and for pick-up at the restaurant.

holiday party catering

For more information about our special events catering services, please call us at 405-235-2200 or visit us at 1201 N.Walker Ave in Oklahoma City. We would be delighted to bring the taste of Italy to your next event through our gourmet catering services.

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