An Evening with ​ Jaqueline Elizabeth

Dear Stella friends,
On October 5th we welcome Jacqueline Elizabeth, international speaker, author, and life coach, to Stella for an exclusive, women only evening of empowerment.


An international speaker, life coach, & founder of Jacqueline Inc., she is most known for her mainstream transformational coaching for individuals & audiences worldwide. She is intrigued by the power of the human spirit, complemented by the universal laws, to live as the beings God intended. Jacqueline is a reminder of your greatness for empowering your dreams and an avid spokesperson for empowerment.
“Magnify your potential, not your problems…A belief or mantra is a conditioned thought; what have you been thinking lately? Does it serve you?  If you continue to tell the story of what is then you cannot give your attention to what you want. Your current state of affairs does not have to be your consistent reality.”
– Jacqueline Elizabeth
We hope you can join us on Monday, October 5th for what promises to be a very special evening!
Lori Burson

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